Technical Center


With a team of more than 20 years of experience in R&D as well as manufacuturing, developed a wide range of bearing products that used for different applications.

We have solid technical strengths, have been authorized 5 patents of invention and 11 patents for utility models. 

Mosheng is awarded the National High-tech Enterprise, established an Engineering Technology Center,devoted to the research and development of bearing products to meet the needs of the market.

Engineering technology center is equipped with all kinds of advanced research and development, testing equipment and other facilities: bearing life test machine, Taylor roughmeter, sealed bearing grease leakage dust temperature rise test machine, simulation machine, measuring instrument, projectors, roundness measuring instrument, vibration detector etc.


Quality Management

Quality control starts with materials. To ensure the reliability and consistency of products, the principle of quality management is a broad and basic rule or belief that governs and operates an organization and is designed to meet the needs of beneficiaries of all organizations. At the same time, customer-centric continuous improvement. A complete and effective quality management system must have four basic principles:

First, the definition of quality is "in line with requirements", not "good";
Second, the core of the quality system is "prevention", not inspection;
Third, the working standard must be "zero defects";
Fourth, the standard of measurement is to evaluate the cost of non-compliance.
The above four concepts are holistic, comprehensive, and highly participatory. They also need excellent leadership. Their positive emphasis on the importance of customer orientation (rather than product orientation).