We are a Deep Groove Ball Bearings Manufacturer, let’s […]

We are a Deep Groove Ball Bearings Manufacturer, let’s share with you the installation and use of bearings

  The press-fit method is widely used in small bearings. As shown in the figure, pad the pad into the internal force machine and firmly press it until the inner tightly contacts the shaft shoulder outer ring pad. The installation of the pad causes the indentation on the raceway, which is absolutely prohibited. During operation, it is best to apply oil in advance.

  The operation method is easy to cause bearing damage. It can only be used for small interference, and cannot be used for large interference or medium and small bearings. For non-separable bearings such as deep groove ball bearings, when both the inner ring and the outer ring need to be installed with interference, the inner ring and the outer ring are pressed in at the same time with a screw or oil pressure after the spacer is installed. The outer ring of self-aligning ball bearing is easy to tilt, even if it is not an interference fit, it is best to install it with a spacer.

  Separate bearings, such as cylindrical roller bearings and tapered roller bearings, can install the inner ring and outer ring on the bearing and housing holes respectively. When combining the separately installed inner ring and outer ring, the key is to steadily close the two to prevent the center of the two from deviating, and pressing in will cause the rolling surface to jam.

  (2) Large bearings require a lot of force to press in, so it is difficult to press in. Therefore, the hot fitting method of heating the bearing in oil to expand it and then installing it on the shaft is widely used. Using this method, the operation can be completed in a short time without adding improper force to the bearing. The heating temperature of the bearing is determined by reference to the bearing size and the required interference. The matters needing attention are as follows:

  Under normal circumstances, the heating of the bearing should not exceed 120°C. Too high temperature will cause the deformation of the seal, the tempering of the inner and outer rings of the bearing, and the leakage of grease.

  In order to prevent the bearing from directly contacting the bottom of the oil tank, it is best to consider placing the bearing on a metal mesh table or hoisting the bearing; heating the bearing to a temperature 20~30°C higher than the required temperature so that the inner ring does not become cold during operation. Difficult to install;

  After installation, the bearing cools down and shrinks in the width direction. Therefore, a shaft nut or other suitable method should be used to tighten it to prevent a gap between the inner ring and the bearing shoulder. (3) Induction heating device

  In addition to oil heating methods, induction heating devices using electromagnetic induction are also widely used.

  The induction heating device has a built-in excitation coil. After being energized, due to electromagnetic induction, the current is transmitted to the heated bearing, and the resistance of the bearing itself generates heat. Therefore, it can be heated uniformly in a short time without using fire or oil. The hot-loading operation of the bearing is efficient and clean.

  In occasions where assembly and disassembly are frequent, such as cylindrical roller bearings for roller necks of rolling mills and axles of railway vehicles, special induction heating devices can be used to install and disassemble the inner ring.

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