We are a Deep Groove Ball Bearings Supplier, let's shar […]

We are a Deep Groove Ball Bearings Supplier, let's share how to disassemble the bearings.

  After the bearing is removed from the equipment, it should be thoroughly cleaned to remove all

  Rust, moisture, lubricants, particles and any other contaminants. After washing thoroughly

  In order to carry out a comprehensive inspection of the bearing.

  Small bearings can be cleaned in the washing tank,

  Cleaning solutions such as alcohol or commercial solvents circulate through the bearing. Please use a cleaning solution to remove all lubricants and contaminants, and ensure that the internal rolling parts are thoroughly clean.

  Alkaline cleaners can also be used, such as two or three ounces per gallon of hot water

  Division of Trisodium Phosphate. The hot cleaning solution can often be used as the final cleaning solution or as the initial cleaning solution.

  Rinsing liquid after washing.

  For cleaning large or large quantities of bearings, special cleaning equipment is required.

  Such as a large storage tank equipped with corresponding cleaning fluid. Usually the storage tank is heated by electric coils,

  And use a pump to agitate the cleaning solution (Figure 4). The final cleaning job is to suspend the bearing

  Empty, use a hose to flush out any contaminants.

  In order to reduce bearing contamination from other pollution sources, all bearing seats,

  All parts of the shaft and gearbox should be thoroughly cleaned. The cleaning of the bearing is completed

  After that, it can be dried with compressed air, being careful not to let the bearing rotate.

  After cleaning, the bearings should be carefully inspected for damage and wear. like

  Bearings are not returned for immediate use and should be coated with light oil to prevent rust and corrosion.

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