We are a Deep Groove Ball Bearings Manufacturer, let's […]

We are a Deep Groove Ball Bearings Manufacturer, let's share the knowledge of the radial internal clearance of deep groove ball bearings.

  In the manufacturing process of ball bearings, the bearings are usually assembled with a certain internal clearance

  Circle and ball. This feature is used to compensate for the tight fit of the bearing ring during installation.

  Internal clearance is sometimes used to compensate for the thermal expansion of bearings, shafts and housings, or to

  Provide a contact angle in the bearing after installation. Radial or axial measurement with a measuring tool, which can be

  Get the internal clearance.

  Generally, radial measurement is more acceptable because it fits directly with the shaft and bearing seat.

  Connect related. This is also the method recommended by the American Bearing Manufacturers Association (ABMA).

  Radial internal clearance

  The radial internal clearance (RIC) of a radial contact ball bearing is defined as the outer ring

  The average raceway diameter minus the average raceway diameter of the inner ring minus twice the ball diameter. The radial internal clearance can be measured by moving the outer ring horizontally. When all the balls fit the raceway correctly, the total movement of the outer ring determines the radial internal clearance. In order to obtain an average reading, the readings should be taken in different circumferential directions of the bearing ring.

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