The Difference Between Single Row Deep Groove Ball Bearing and Other Bearings


Types of deep groove ball bearings Over the years, manu […]

Types of deep groove ball bearings

Over the years, manufacturers have improved the design of deep groove bearings, resulting in several different types. These types are usually more suitable for specific applications where deep groove bearings are not suitable.

Single row deep groove ball bearing

This is a typical deep groove ball bearing with a single raceway. These bearings are generally sturdy and durable and are made of durable materials, which ensures that the life of these bearings is extended.

Single row deep groove ball bearings can also be subdivided into other types, with bore diameters ranging from 3 mm to 400 mm, making them suitable for almost any application. Some manufacturers will also provide thin, narrow, wide or miniature bearings according to customer needs.

Because deep groove ball bearings need to withstand extreme conditions, manufacturers also provide ceramic-coated bearings to handle bearings that can withstand electrical corrosion and high temperatures up to 660 degrees Fahrenheit.

One of the latest developments in single row deep groove ball bearings is the sensor bearing unit, which can measure the state of the ball bearing assembly. These units are simple to use and can help with speed sensing, angular position measurement and steering, making them useful in electric motors, tractors, conveyors and road rollers.

Double row deep groove ball bearings

The double-row design can significantly increase the load-carrying capacity while still maintaining the low friction characteristics of the bearing. Double-row bearings are usually slightly wider than single-row bearings, which makes them almost as versatile and practical.

The main disadvantage of double row deep groove ball bearings is that although some bearings may be equipped with cages, they do not have seals or protective covers. These cages facilitate installation and assembly but are susceptible to mechanical stress during operation. Choosing the correct cage type for a specific application is critical, especially because certain cage materials are sensitive to specific lubricants.

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