What are the Characteristics of Deep Groove Ball Bearings?


Deep groove ball bearings are the most symbolic rolling […]

Deep groove ball bearings are the most symbolic rolling bearings with a wide range of applications. It is suitable for high-speed and even high-speed operation, and is very durable and does not require frequent maintenance. This kind of bearing has the advantages of low friction resistance, high limit speed ratio, simple structure, low production cost, and high production accuracy.

The range of specifications and methods are not the same, and it can be used for instruments and meters, low-noise motors, cars, motorcycles and chemical machinery. It is the most commonly used bearing in mechanical engineering. It is critical to bear the axial load, and it can also bear a certain amount of radial load.

When a large axial backlash is selected, the radial load volume will increase, and the interfacial tension will be zero when bearing pure axial force. When the axial force is released, the interfacial tension exceeds zero. Generally, wavy iron cages of stamping dies, solid iron cages made of cars, and sometimes polyester iron cages are also used.

After the deep groove ball bearing is installed on the shaft, the radial deviation of the shaft or the casing can be limited to the radial backlash of the bearing, and then it can be accurately positioned in two directions. In addition, this type of bearing also has a certain level of fully automatic self-aligning ability. When it is skewed by 2'to 10' relative to the bearing seat hole, it can still work normally, but it is harmful to the service life of the bearing. Deep groove ball bearing ball bearings are mainly steel stamping die wave-shaped ball bearings, and most of the large and medium-sized bearings are made of metal solid ball bearings produced by cars.

Common rolling bearings are deep groove ball bearings. Its structure is simple and practical. The key is to bear the axial load, but when the axial backlash of the bearing increases, it has certain angular contact ball bearing characteristics and can bear the axial and radial component loads.

When the speed ratio is high and the thrust ball bearing is not suitable, it can also be used to bear pure radial load. Compared with other types of deep groove ball bearings of the same specification and size, this type of bearing has lower friction resistance and a higher ultimate speed ratio. However, it is not shock-resistant and should not bear heavy loads.

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